• Beech Tree Services
    Domestic and commercial tree removal covering all areas of Greater Manchester
  • Wood supply
    We can supply and deliver chipping and logs ideal for wood burning stoves and open fires.
  • Tree shaping and removal
    We can help with reshaping, crown thinning and reduction, the removal of dangerously situated trees, and site clearances.

We carry out all aspects of tree care and arboricultural work including trimming, pruning, cutting, felling and stump removal hedge removal and garden clearances throughout the northwest. We have a proven track record and are happy to deal with any size of job, both domestic and commercial.


Quality Tree Surgeon Services

With 25 years of experience in the tree services trade, you can be rest assured that all work completed by Beech Tree Services will be done so to very professional standards, leaving all sites clean and tidy upon completion of work.

Beech Tree Services are delighted to offer the following services:


2016-03-17 08.56.42Trimming and Pruning

  • Crown lifting – Involves the removal of lower branches to a desired clear height above ground level, either by removing whole branches or by the removal of those parts which extend below the desired clear heights.
  • Crown reduction – Reducing overall crown area by a given amount from the tips of the branches to produce a smaller crown area but retaining natural species shape.
  • Crown thinning – Involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure.
  • Crown clean – The removal of dead, dying or diseased wood, stumps of broken branches, unwanted epicormic shoots, climbing plants e.g. ivy and rubbish accumulated in branch forks.
  • Coppice – Cutting back of selected tree species almost to ground level, on a regular cycle normally between 10 to 30 years in length.
  • Formative pruning – Pruning a young tree in order to produce a tree which in maturity will be free from major physical weakness. i.e. removal of competing leaders, crossing branches and weak branches.
  • Crown reshaping – Recommended as being a ‘once-only’ operation to make a tree safe or bring it to a desirable condition or shape, over the whole area, or part.
  • Pollard – Involves the removal of all limbs back to the main trunk.
  • 2016-02-24 13.59.03Dead wooding – Refers to the removal of dead wood only.
  • Cutting and Felling
From small trees to large trees we have the equipment and expertise to fell and remove any tree in any situation.

Stump Removal

2016-02-05 14.07.20Using the latest equipment we are able to remove tree stumps in any situation. Stumps and roots are ground into chippings/mulch causing minimum disturbance to the surrounding area. This leaves the site ready for any work the client may require.


Further Enquiries

We charge very competitive rates and are licensed to remove all waste from the work site. Why not give us a ring to arrange a competitive no obligation quotation? We are available for all types of domestic, commercial and council work; just give us a call.

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Services Include

  • Tree fellings
  • Tree removal
  • Tree thinning
  • Tree pruning
  • Removal of storm damaged and dangerous trees
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Garden clearances
  • Supply of seasoned hardwood logs and woodchip
We are fully qualified to City & Guilds NPTC standard. We also carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.
We are fully qualified to City & Guilds NPTC standard. We also carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.