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    Domestic and commercial tree removal covering all areas of Greater Manchester
  • Wood supply
    We can supply and deliver chipping and logs ideal for wood burning stoves and open fires.
  • Tree shaping and removal
    We can help with reshaping, crown thinning and reduction, the removal of dangerously situated trees, and site clearances.

Do you know your pollarding from your crown reduction? In this section we’ve put together a glossary of terms so you can understand the different processes involved with our tree and garden services.

  1. Dismantling

    Dismantling is the method which a tree is cut down in sections by a qualified climber for complete removal when it is not possible for the tree to be straight felled because of obstacles such as power cables, sheds, conservatories, patio areas, and other items, and of course probably the most important reason for dismantling a tree and lowering the sections on ropes is not to cause any damage to your property and garden.

  2. Crown Reduction

    Crown reduction is the reduction of the complete outline dimension of the canopy, from the tips of the branches to suitable internal branches. The diameter of the remaining branch should not be less than one third of that removed. After a crown reduction the tree should retain an overall appearance typical for the species or variety of the tree concerned.

  3. Crown Thinning

    Crown Thinning is the removal of a proportion of the small, live woody growth to reduce the density of the foliage throughout the canopy. This operation is usually specified as a percentage. The aim is to produce an evenly distributed canopy of foliage on a well-structured, balanced and sound skeleton of limbs and branches, typical for the species or variety of tree concerned.

  4. Crown Lifting

    Crown Lifting is to increase the distance between the ground and the lower branches of the crown of a tree by removing parts of branches or whole branches, providing the wounds left do not exceed 50mm. This is common practice where trees overhang roads or footpaths.

  5. Crown Cleaning

    Crown Cleaning is the removal of weak, diseased and dead branches or limbs throughout the crown of the tree as necessary to prevent them being a nuisance or causing damage if they were to shed.

  6. Pollarding

    Pollarding is defined as the cutting back of all branches of a tree back to the main stem at a specified height above the ground. The result is a production of a quantity of vigorous shoots usually from close to the cuts, but in some species (e.g. Lime) the shoots may be throughout the length of the trunk. Where pollarding has taken place previously the new pollard should generally be just above the previous pollard points, unless decay is considered so extensive that re-growth shoots would be potentially dangerous.

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  • Stump grinding and removal
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We are fully qualified to City & Guilds NPTC standard. We also carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.
We are fully qualified to City & Guilds NPTC standard. We also carry full public liability insurance for your peace of mind.